The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast

Lazy D&D Talk Show – Lazy DM’s Companion Delivered, Monsters of the Multiverse release and stat block thoughts, Patreon Questions

January 24, 2022

Mike talks about all things D&D!


  • 00:38 Lazy DM's Companion PDF Delivered!
  • 09:29 Monsters of the Multiverse on D&D Beyond on May 17th
  • 13:25 MotM Not Updating Previous Content on D&D Beyond
  • 23:26 A Look at Monsters of the Multiverse Stat Blocks
  • 47:56 Patreon Question: Transitions Between Scenes and Encounters
  • 50:47 Patreon Question: Running "World Without Heroes" Campaign
  • 53:35 Patreon: Using Callbacks
  • 56:08 Patreon Question: Problems and Benefits of D&D Canon
  • 59:36 Patreon Question: Bite-sized Lore and Inspiration


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