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D&D Chat, 28 Nov 2020

November 28, 2020

Mike chats about D&D in this long open episode on a range of topics.

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Video contents00:00 Beginning01:00 Support Sly Florish on Patreon01:20 Sly Flourish Newsletter03:05 Tiny thoughts on Tasha's – proficiency bonus for limited options04:57 Pointcrawls24:45 Thoughts on Five-Room Dungeons, Lazy Dungeons, Jaquaying the Dungeon34:09 The hard parts of D&D, Sly Flourish's Uncovered Secrets50:03 Fantastic Lairs update and Art Preview58:31 How does 5e hold up after 6 years?1:23:25 On traps. 1:25:36 Favorite Kobold Press book: Midgard Worldbook 1:29:55 Random tables and factions for DM inspiration1:36:08 Rime of the Frostmaiden Thoughts1:47:24 When things click. Thoughts on group improvisation in D&D games.1:51:51 Playing D&D Online, comparing various VTTs1:58:55 Running Owlbear Rodeo2:09:28 Lazy Monster Generation

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Jaquaying the Dungeon on Alexandrian

Jaquaying Checklist

* Multiple entrances* Two+ paths through* Loops* Level connections* Secret paths* Divided levels* Nested dungeons * Dead ends

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On Traps

Midgard Worldbook

Random Eberron Factions

Random Forgotten Realms Factions

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