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Descent into Avernus Chapter 3: A Sly Flourish Guide

November 24, 2020

Mike covers tips and tricks for running chapter 3 from Descent into Avernus. 

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Table of Contents

00:00 Start00:34 Mike's #1 Recommendation for Descent into Avernus01:22 Run Fall of Elturel02:05 James Introcaso's Top Tips for Chapter 305:58 Alternative Takes on Descent into Avernus08:33 The Themes of Descent into Avernus10:05 On Soul Coins. Use Demon Ichor as well.12:07 All Roads lead to the Bleeding Citadel13:00 Build Your Own Path through Avernus13:21 The Path of the Hellriders19:41 Alternative Paths: Tiamat and Gargauth22:11 Dropping in the Hellwasp Nest23:11 Filling Out the Crypt of the Hellriders23:37 The Wandering Emporium. Players Hate Contracts!26:15 Traveling Through Avernus28:28 Descent into Avernus as a Toolbox28:51 Chapter 1 as a Stand Alone Aventure Sans Avernus

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