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Lazy DM‘s Companion Twitch Q&A #1

September 30, 2021

Mike talks all about the Lazy DMs Companion and takes questions from Twitch. Join the Kickstarter here!

Show Contents

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 2:27 Will there be a hardcover version of the Handbook?
  • 3:20 How come no stretch goals?
  • 6:25 Is the hardcover of Return different?
  • 8:56 Have you thought about combining the three books into one?
  • 14:56 Who are the artists behind this great art?
  • 16:25 How useful do you expect it to be for other systems and editions?
  • 19:40 Will the shipping cost change?
  • 20:20 Is the book future proof?
  • 27:40 Will there be any changes to the Lazy Combat Encounter Guide?
  • 31:46 What do you know about 6e?
  • 32:37 Is there something you wanted in the book that didn't make it?
  • 36:16 Have I started my next book? NO!
  • 37:07 Ever considered WOTC-hardcover-focused guides and products?
  • 39:20 Does the Lazy DM's Companion include downtime activities? No.
  • 40:22 Will the book be available on Amazon? Yes. Mid to late next year after backers get theirs.
  • 41:34 Do you have an "Appendix N" of inspirational resources? Yes!!
  • 44:13 Have you considered adding indexes to your books? No, but I will now!
  • 46:02 When do you get your stuff?
  • 49:15 How is your day going?
  • 52:52 Are you planning any appearances on YT/Twitch channels?
  • 53:31 Would you ever consider streaming a one-shot if the campaign did crazy numbers?
  • 54:59 Would you rather fight one horse-sized kobold or a hundred kobold-sized horses?
  • 55:15 What is your favourite Monte Cook supplement or product?
  • 55:47 How much for you to hand deliver the books?
  • 56:22 Any plans on an audiobook version?
  • 58:11 Have you thought of tabs for quick reference?
  • 58:54 Will their be epub versions of Return and Ruins of Grendleroot in it?
  • 59:36 What type of content is in the Lazy DM's Companion?


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