The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast

Lazy DM‘s Companion Kickstarter 2nd Q&A

October 8, 2021

Mike goes through more questions for the Lazy DM's Companion Kickstarter!



  • 00:00 Start - About the Kickstarter
  • 02:09 Any modifications based on upcoming D&D changes? No.
  • 04:05 Will the Companion be useful for non-D&D games? Yes!
  • 05:05 Can you show the book in action? Yes! Next time.
  • 06:33 Will the spiral-bound Workbook be available post-Kickstarter? Yes!
  • 07:36 Really? No Stretch goals? Yep, no stretch goals.
  • 09:04 Will the PDFs come through DriveThruRPG? Yes!
  • 09:22 Will we get the PDFs of existing books right away? Yes!
  • 10:00 Will the digital versions include existing ePubs? Yes!
  • 10:44 Can we get the physical versions of the "Fantastic" book add-ons? Not through the Kickstarter.
  • 11:52 Is the Companion "Done"? No. First draft is done.
  • 13:02 Can we see what the books will look like? Not yet.
  • 13:30 Can we add audiobooks as add-ons? Unfortunately, no.
  • 15:00 Can I print maps for my own private use? Yes.
  • 15:17 Can I give away extra digital copies? Yes.
  • 16:02 Can we get the digital art as a download? Yes.
  • 17:41 Will these questions get added to the FAQ? Yes.
  • 18:09 Will there be a retailer pledge? No, but...
  • 19:16 Will the printed books be available on Amazon? Yes, eventually.
  • 20:19 Will Return look like Babar in hardcover? No.
  • 21:17 Going to any conventions this year? No.
  • 23:05 How different are the printed books from PoD? Nicer!
  • 25:03 Experiences with Off-set Printing? Too early to say.
  • 29:12 Plans for different languages? Not at the moment.
  • 31:30 How do you plan to cope with the next 21 days? It's great!
  • 35:48 A look at the TOC and design of the Companion
  • 37:03 The Lands of the Fey page and design
  • 42:51 Turning a 1d20 list into a 1d400 list
  • 45:23 Useful guidelines and generators each in a single page
  • 48:00 Not re-creating existing guidelines
  • 49:36 Monster templates
  • 57:57 Can I mix and match physical and PDF orders? Yes!

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