The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast

Frostmaiden Retrospective

December 24, 2021

After finishing his Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign, Mike offers his thoughts and advice for the adventure and describes the epic conclusion to his campaign.


  • 00:00 Show Intro
  • 01:14 Experiences and Tips for Running Rime of the Frostmaiden
  • 02:07 Be ready to modify a lot of this adventure
  • 04:01 Cut quests liberally from chapter 1. It's far too big.
  • 05:46 Add quests, adventure paths, and keys to tie chapter 2 to the rest of the adventure
  • 07:38 Modify the timing of the Chardalyn dragon's attack to suit your story
  • 09:47 Add trials of Auril based on the characters' backgrounds and drives
  • 11:23 Tie Grimskalle and Ythryn together as requirements to end the Endless Night
  • 13:03 The Conclusion to Mike's Frostmaiden Campaign
  • 18:49 The Final Battle - Waves of Nasty Monsters and Lightning Rods!
  • 28:21 The Final Sacrifice
  • 32:03 One Year Later...
  • 41:06 The End of my 18th campaign in seven years
  • 44:45 Preview of the Witchlight campaign: Dreadful Incursions!


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