The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast

Lazy D&D Talk Show: City of Arches Update, Shift to Online Play, Cult of the Hydra

March 7, 2022

Mike talks about all things D&D!


  • 00:00 Show Start
  • 00:24 D&D News: City of Arches Updates
  • 10:06 Commentary: The Shift to Online Play
  • 18:08 Product Spotlight: Cult of the Hydra
  • 26:44 Commentary: Writing Expensive Products for the DM's Guild
  • 36:01 Patreon Question: Getting Players to Read the Books
  • 40:34 Patreon Question: Building a Dark Lord Boss Monster
  • 43:34 Patreon Question: Speeding Up Milestone Experience Rewards
  • 46:00 Patreon Question: Introducing Villains All at Once or One At a Time
  • 48:30 Patreon Question: Deadly Encounter Benchmark for Level 11+
  • 54:01 Patreon Question: Experiences Playing Solo RPGs


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