The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast

Lazy D&D Talk Show: Heroes of Krynn Playtest, Dwarven Forge adventures, Book of Wondrous Magic Vol 2

March 14, 2022

Mike talks about all things D&D!


  • 00:00:00 Show Start
  • 00:00:34 WOTC Product Spotlight: Heroes of Krynn Playtest
  • 00:20:07 Product Spotlight: Book of Wondrous Magic Volume 2
  • 00:27:18 Product Spotlight: Free Dwarven Forge Adventures
  • 00:34:33 DM Tip: Attack Again on a Miss
  • 00:39:19 RPG Industry Tip: Lunch break Heroes on Making Money in RPGs
  • 00:45:59 Patreon Question: Scaling Combat for Six Players
  • 00:49:32 Patreon Question: Lazy Tricks for Incorporating Character Backgrounds
  • 00:53:39 Patreon Question: Tools for In-Person Games
  • 00:56:47 Patreon Question: Handing Out Magic Items
  • 00:59:32 Patreon Question: Best Adventure I've Ever Played In
  • 01:01:16 Patreon Question: Running Structured Social Encounters
  • 01:03:47 Patreon Question: Blades in the Dark for D&D Heists


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