The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast

Lazy D&D Talk Show: New WOTC President, Lazy DM’s Companion PDF for Sale, Tal’Dorei Reborn

February 7, 2022

WOTC's new president, Lazy DM's Companion PDF for sale, Tal'Dorei Reborn product spotlight, more on Monsters of the Multiverse monster difficulty, and February Patreon Q&A in this week's Lazy D&D Talk Show!


  • 00:00 Show Start
  • 00:35 New President of Wizards of the Coast and the Unpredictability of the Future of D&D
  • 07:20 Lazy DM's Companion PDF Now for General Sale!
  • 08:36 Tal'Dorei Reborn Product Spotlight
  • 25:17 Videos and Articles about Monster Difficulty in Monsters of the Multiverse
  • 37:57 Patreon Question: Running with One Remote Player and Three Physical Players
  • 41:55 Patreon Question: Running a Predator-style Adventure that Doesn't Suck
  • 45:55 Patreon Question: Any Further Tips on Campaign Development? Not really!
  • 47:51 Patreon Question: Getting Players to Use More Character Features
  • 50:31 Patreon Question: Getting Players to Understand Old-School Style Adventures in 5e
  • 53:29 Patreon Question: Building Legacy Weapons that Scale Up in Power


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