Sly Flourish’s Lazy DM Prep

Safety Tools in D&D

February 4, 2021

Mike talks about safety tools in D&D including the X-card, lines and veils, script change, and others.

Youtube version of this discussion


Video Contents

00:00 What are safety tools?

01:05 Why use safety tools?

03:01 The X-Card

03:39 Lines and Veils

08:11 Script Change

09:13 The Door is Open

10:20 Why do I suddenly care?

13:48 A Safety Tool Stack (rating, lines & veils, "pause")

16:27 Recognizing full-consent decisions versus majority rule

17:49 DMs using "Pause for a Second"

19:18 More on why we want safety tools

23:08 The Awesome Value of free tools

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