The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast

Lazy D&D Talk Show: Fizban‘s Treasury of Dragons, Vault of Magic, Planegea, Abraxis, 2CG Rewards and Rarities, Dwarven Forge Reliquaries

November 8, 2021

Mike talks about all things D&D!


  • 00:00:44 Preorder Page for the Lazy DM's Companion
  • 00:03:21 Thoughts on Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
  • 00:12:43 WOTC's Problem with High CR Damage
  • 00:20:45 Kickstarter: Planegea by Atlast Games
  • 00:23:05 Kickstarter: Skyraiders of Abraxis by Laura and Tracy Hickman
  • 00:25:06 Kickstarter: Rewards and Rarities by 2C Gaming
  • 00:27:13 Kickstarter: Reliquaries by Dwarven Forge
  • 00:32:04 Transitioning to 70% Online Play
  • 00:35:39 Spotlight: Vault of Magic by Kobold Press
  • 00:44:19 Patreon Questions and Answers
  • 00:45:14 Patreon Question: Transitioning to Published Adventures
  • 00:47:46 Patreon Question: Worrying about Subverting Expectations
  • 00:50:37 Patreon Question: Character Deaths and New Characters
  • 00:53:21 Patreon Question: Keeping Track of Characters' Knowledge
  • 00:55:02 Patreon Question: Handling NPC to NPC Conversations
  • 00:56:34 Patreon Question: Adding Details to Fantastic Locations


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